Savory Soups and Splendid Salads

Layered Party Pea Salad-
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Cooking Healthy with Splenda, page 59. This salad was my absolute favorite salad when I was growing up. It was at every family function! And I loved it. Of course ours was the old unhealthy version. And I have been trying for years to make it over healthy. BUT, the fat free mayo never worked right on it. The mixing it with the Splenda and sour cream is the secret I never thought of! I also added a layer of tomato and a layer of water-chestnuts, and added roses, I made from tomato peels to the top to make it more like my families salad. And I loved every bite. And so did every one at the block party. Definitely ALL 5 stars!

Old-Fashioned Sweet-Sour Red Cabbage-

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Cooking Healthy with Splenda, page 76. This recipe like many others I have made countless times. I like it hot or cold, but especially hot. It's something different yet comforting for a side dish. A great bonus is it is very low in calories, and easy to make to boot. Like many of Jo's recipes it gets all 5 stars!